Through readers' eyes Oct 2020

Some of the most amazing images of our island state, taken by our readers

It's no secret that Tasmania has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Here, readers share some of their favourite views through their own eyes. Do you have an image to share? Email it to us or tag us on Instagram @ractofficial and it could appear in one of our galleries.

Looking up at historic buildings in Hobart
Historic buildings in Hobart. Image: Kelvin Ball.

Abseiling on the Gordon Dam
Abseiling at Gordon Dam. Image: Jacinta Lang
Views of paddocks and mountains at Mole Creek
Views near Mole Creek. Image: Wayne Painter
Clouds and fog at Honeymoon Bay
Honeymoon Bay. Image: Pete Willows

Orange sunset on the beach at Table Cape
Sunset at Table Cape. Image: David Cooke

Chihuahua in the snow 
Talisker the chihuahua in the snow at Waratah. Image: Lissie Rustage
Looking up at green ferns 
Ferns at Liffey Falls. Image: Peta Fletcher

Green forest floor in the Tarkine
Forest floor in the Tarkine. Image: Andrew McKinney
Cradle Mountain and blue skies
Cradle Mountain. Image: Hannah Tischler
The lighthouse and sunset at Low Head
Low Head. Image: Keith Midson

White feather on the water at Lake Pedder
Lake Pedder. Image: Sarah Atkinson

Mountains at Western Arthurs Traverse 
Western Arthurs Traverse. Image: Chelsea Rogers
Autumn coloured leaves at Hollybank 
Autumn leaves at Hollybank. Image: Phillipa Morgan

Reflections of Mount Wellington and blue skies
Views of Mount Wellington. Image: Sean Dargaville
Autumn leaves at Newstead
Autumn colours at Newstead. Image: Lance Carroll
Snow at Waratah
Snow at Waratah. Image: Maddie Brodel

Sun over cliffs and the sea on the Tasman Peninsula
Waterfall Bay Track, Tasman Peninsula. Image: Julian Witek

Clouds and sky reflected on the Huon River
Reflections at Franklin. Image: Andrew Taylor
Sun beams through the clouds on the beach
Sunbeams at Bridport. Image: Caroline Tandy
Purple sunset and water at Rosetta
Sunset at Rosetta. Christian Micallef

Snow on a forest trail at Grove 
Snow at Grove. Image: Dianne Machen
Rainbow on an overcast day 
Rainbow at Table Cape. Image: Shane Davis

Orange sunset over the water at Arthur River
Arthur River. Image: Greg James
Views of Bass Strait and the lighthouse at Wynyard
Lighthouse at Wynyard. Image: Patricia Rubenach
Reflections on the Gordon River
Gordon River. Image: Penny Garnsworthy

Red rocks and trees at Binalong Bay
Binalong Bay. Image: Margaret Longmuir

Grey, pink and yellow rocks
Beautiful rocks on the west coast. Image: Helen Tiffin
Yellow crisscross patterns on rocks
Orange details on the west coast. Image: Helen Tiffin
Large neutral coloured rocks
Neutral tones on the west coast. Image: Helen Tiffin

Pink fog over a green paddock
Pink fog at Milabena. Image: Sue Poke
Reflections of Port Davey
Port Davey. Image: Susan Mace

The beach and waves at Shipstern Bluff
Shipstern Bluff. Image: Vishnu Prahalad

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