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Meet the newest Hurricane

Meet the Hobart Hurricanes’ newest recruit, Mitch Owen. 

Tassie born and raised, Mitch grew up with cricket pumping through his veins and is so excited to get out there and make the Purple Army proud.

"Like most stories, I started very young.

"My Dad has always played, so I’ve spent a lot of time around his cricket club down in Kingston, and I’ve got a group of mates from that cricket club that I’ll stay with forever.

"I've always had those sorts of connections to cricket. It’s something that I’ve loved playing and I’ve never lost any passion for the game."

Mitch started out at the Kingston Crows then made his way to Kingborough for his junior years and a season of First Grade. He spent some time with New Town before signing his contract with the Hurricanes. Only a year out of school, there’s a lot Mitch is excited to learn and experience with the squad and is keen to let his competitive nature shine through.

"My style is pretty aggressive I think. I’m aggressive with the bat and I’m still developing with the ball.

"I just love the atmosphere created around cricket. Especially as you move up and are playing higher grades. Everyone’s buying into the same thing – everyone wants to win, everyone wants to become better and that’s something I love being a part of."

Mitch Owen standing in Blundstone Arena in purple Hobart Hurricanes uniform
Introducing the Hurricanes' newest recruit, Mitch Owen.

Let's get to know Mitch a little better

  • What's your favourite beach for playing beach cricket?
    Kingston Beach.
  • Who is your cricketing hero?

    My Dad. He's the one who taught me everything I know.

    Fun fact: Mitch’s Dad is one of our roadside patrolmen!

  • What's the best game of cricket you've ever played?

    I’ve played in a few underage grand finals which were pretty special because they were with my close group of mates. It’s very special to spend that sort of time with them.

  • What's the best game of cricket you've ever watched?

    That’s a tough one, but probably the Hurricanes game last year in Adelaide against the Strikers. Wade got 100, which was pretty unbelievable to watch.

  • What are your hobbies outside of cricket?

    I like to play a lot of golf – that’s something I’m just getting into. I also like fishing, going snorkelling and getting a few abalone. The transition from being a club cricketer and into the professional cricketing scene, there’s a lot of resilience you need to face because it’s a full-time job. It’s a lot of stress on the body and on the mind, so it’s important to do things away from cricket. I think having a good life balance and that resilience-building aspect is something I’ve taken out of becoming a professional athlete.

  • What's your favourite Hobart restaurant?

    Room for a Pony. I also like Audrey Coffee in Rosny.

  • What's your favourite bush walk in southern Tassie?

    I like the Roches Beach to Seven Mile Beach track.

  • If you weren't playing cricket, what would you be doing?

    I’d probably be at uni studying to be a primary school teacher.

  • What are your best stats?

    My highest score for batting in First Grade is 159.

  • What are your family's backyard cricket rules?

    All the usual ones really:

    • Auto keeper;
    • One hand, one bounce;
    • You can’t leave it twice. If you do that you’re out; and
    • Over the fence is six and out – you still get the six to your score though, so that counts if you need to win.