Roadside assistance for car broken down.
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The value of membership

Lynne Hampson is a proud Tasmanian. She and her husband Robert visited from New South Wales in 1975, and in her own words, they just ‘forgot to go home!’

They’re now retired and are living on the beautiful north-west coast overlooking Bass Strait.

Like many Tasmanians, Lynne is also an RACT member and has been with us for almost 30 years. Within Lynne’s family alone, there are seven memberships – with two more on the way (pending some driving lessons and Ps tests for the two youngest family members).

‘We wouldn’t be without it, especially for the grandkids,’ Lynne said.

‘It gives us peace of mind.’

Robert and Lynne Hampson

Lynne and Robert have used roadside assistance many times, both in Tassie and on the mainland for things like flat batteries and tyres. But their 20-year-old grandson Stuart probably takes the cake for the most memorable call-out of the family, after a kangaroo jumped onto the bonnet of his car while he was driving in Canberra. The kangaroo hopped away leaving Stuart’s car completely written off, so his Ultimate membership definitely came in handy.

‘It doesn’t matter whether they’re your kids or your grandkids, you don’t stop worrying about them,’ Lynne said.

‘It’s a nice feeling to know that if they run out of fuel or have a flat tyre or something, they can ring someone for help.’

Whether it’s car troubles, learning how to drive or saving on petrol, Lynne’s family (and even her neighbour who she gifted a roadside membership to) are big believers in their memberships. And if there’s one thing Lynne knows for sure, it’s that she wouldn’t leave home without it.