Mitsubishi Triton driving on sand
On the road

Mitsubishi Triton

The brand new Mitsubishi Triton has landed in Australia.

Key points:

  • Rear differential lock system

  • New limited edition model available

  • Advanced safety features

  • Improved cabin ambience

Keen to build the tough off-road reputation of the new Triton, Mitsubishi has tweaked the range a little with some of the features found in the higher spec models now included in the more affordable variants. Mitsubishi has indicated that Australia is a key market for Triton development. They’re consistently listening to ute buyers and looking for ways to add new features to their line-up, which is why we are seeing this update less than nine months after the initial release of the latest Triton.

Previously reserved for the GLS Premium, the rear differential lock system now features in the GLS and GLX+ models, enhancing their off-road capability. The internal rear air circulation system that redistributes airflow from the front to the rear of the cabin is also included in the GLX+, with keyless entry and start now in GLS models. A new limited edition model named after Mitsubishi ambassador and Dakar Rally winner Toby Price, mirrors the GLS specifications but also includes a sports bar, LED light bar, soft tonneau cover, tub liner, proper tie-down points, high-edge rubber mats, and is available in three specific colours.

A recent trip to the Flinders Ranges provided all the necessary proof that the upgraded Triton has the goods off-road.

A day exploring Warraweena Conservation Park and taking in the Cockatoo Dunbar Loop was the perfect place to test its off-road capability. The track follows dry creek beds, washouts, steep climbs and downhills. The route out of Dunbar Hut is steep and rocky, ideal for trying out the differential lock in the GLX+ I was driving. Revisions to approach and departure angles, and 205mm of ground clearance in the GLX+ (GLS is 220mm) meant the underside wasn’t hit too much. Just in case it did, a 2mm steel plate protected the important parts underneath.

The GLX+ used the ‘Easy Select 4WD’ system, which allows high and low range 4x4 operation, requiring you to stop and select neutral to move between modes. GLS and above use the ‘Super Select II’ system, which uses a centre differential that is open in 4WD high, but can be used as a centre differential lock in both high and low range, improving off-road capability. It also includes hill descent control. This system also has switchable modes for gravel, mud/snow, sand and rock. The slip parameters and shift points on the vehicles equipped with auto transmission are changed depending on the selected setting.

The latest Triton has made big inroads in terms of cabin insulation. The overall ambience of the cabin has improved with plenty of creature comforts. An extensive suite of advanced safety features means Triton leads the way in the commercial ute segment.

Models of GLX+ and above have had an increase in price. At the time of writing, you can buy a GLX+ 4WD auto with a seven-year warranty for $41,490 drive away, which offers fantastic value.