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Drive to protect Tasmania's native wildlife

It’s a privilege to witness wildlife in its natural habitat, but it comes with a responsibility to protect it – and ourselves.

Over 400,000 animals are hit by motorists and die on Tasmanian roads each year, highlighting the urgent need for roadkill awareness and action. At RACT, we believe our members can play a crucial role in making a difference.

There’s also a significant financial cost to roadkill. Wildlife-related insurance claims cost Tasmanians approximately $9.5 million each year.

The hours between 4am and 6am, and 5pm and 11pm, see the highest number of wildlife encounters. We must slow down from dusk to dawn when animal presence on our roads is at its peak.

Wallabies and kangaroos are encountered most, accounting for 93 per cent of reported claims. These large marsupials often fall victim to road accidents, and we can do more to protect them.

The message is clear: slow down between dusk and dawn, when animals are most active. This can make a life-saving difference. If you hit an animal, please act responsibly and call the Bonorong hotline on 0447 264 62. They provide expert advice and will come to the rescue if the animal is still alive.

Acting to prevent roadkill

We've joined forces with the Wildlife & Community Together Tasmania group and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, to raise awareness of the roadkill issue with a clear message: Slow down between dusk and dawn, when the animals on our roads are most present.