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From the President - Road safety reminder

As a member organisation we exist for you. We’re here to support you through life’s milestones and obstacles, and are committed to making your life easier.

Thank you to those who had their say in our recent annual member survey. We appreciate your honest feedback and ideas, and will take them on board as we find ways to support you that take your interests and values into account.

Some of the key insights you told us include:

- You value the fact that we're a Tasmanian organisation that provides peace of mind and has a strong focus on customer service;

- Being a local provider that makes Tasmania better is important to you, as is the fact that we can be relied upon when you need us;

- Road safety continues to be an area in which we should be focused, particularly in the area of improving the safety of our younger and more vulnerable drivers; and

- There are a range of member experience improvements we can implement to make your life simpler and easier and to add value to our services.

It is devastating to see Tasmania’s road toll continuing to climb. The impact this has on the families affected and the broader community is shattering. Tolerating unsafe and risky driver behaviour is unacceptable. We all have a role to play in speaking up if we see risk-taking behaviours, whether it’s a family member, friend or colleague. We must also commit to making better, safer choices behind the wheel ourselves.

As the Tasmanian weather warms up and we head out to explore our beautiful state, being safe on our roads needs to be top of mind for all motorists.

This time of year sees an influx of road-users, motorists driving later in the day, schools coming to a close, end-of-year celebrations and gatherings, and longer drives to holiday destinations. We urge all drivers to consider the Fatal Five whenever they’re behind the wheel: driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; speeding; driving without a seatbelt; distraction; and fatigue.

It has been an unprecedented year and COVID-19 continues to have physical and mental impacts on our health and wellbeing. Feelings of isolation when away from family and loved ones, as well as feeling overwhelmed and distressed, can significantly affect our ability to focus on the road and can compromise our safety.

It is important to check in with yourself and those around you before driving to ensure you can focus fully on the task at hand without distraction. Be aware, too, that others on the road may be distracted.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, please contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. A list of free, confidential and professional support services is also available on our website.