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Remembering Chris Crerar

A voice of passion and purpose.

The pages of Journeys have been enriched by the stories and insights of writer/ photographer Chris Crerar for several years. His regular contributions showcased a unique talent and a deep curiosity about the world around him. Today, we remember Chris, whose sudden passing has left a significant gap in our Journeys family.

After starting his career in the newspaper industry as a photographer, Chris seamlessly moved into photojournalism. His dedication to sharing stories through both images and words was evident in every piece he created. Chris was driven by a desire to connect with readers and highlight the diverse experiences and landscapes that make our island so special.

Chris’ father, Bruce, fondly remembers him as a “rollercoaster” – a spirit always in pursuit of the next challenge, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what was possible within the confines of a day. For Chris, the notion of ‘enough time’ was foreign; there were always more stories to tell and more of Tasmania’s beauty to uncover.

Credit: Chris Crerar

Photojournalist Chris contributed to Journeys magazine for many years, regularly travelling all over our state on assignment.

Credit: Chris Crerar

A passionate advocate for social justice, Chris’ passion for the rights of Tasmania’s First Nations people stood out. His work not only shed light on critical issues but also encouraged dialogue and understanding, embodying the very essence of advocacy through storytelling.

Chris’ legacy is carried forward by his parents, Bruce and Pam, and the entire Crerar clan, including Adam and Vaughan; Jackie and Tamara; Suhela and Rosita.

As we remember Chris, we do so with deep appreciation for the stories he shared and the impact he made. His work has left a permanent mark on Journeys and its readers. Chris’ voice and his commitment to storytelling and justice will continue to resonate with us.

Chris’ passing is a sorrowful reminder of the struggles that often remain unseen. In his memory, we encourage anyone facing personal battles to seek support and remind them that they are not alone.

For support, visit Beyond Blue.

Credit: Chris Crerar

Credit: Chris Crerar

Credit: Chris Crerar