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Our readers have their say on giving way to the right and we're provided some reader feedback.

Give way to the right

J. Breen, Newnham

Launceston drivers rigidly insist on giving way to other vehicles on their right at roundabouts. While drivers on the right of other vehicles at roundabouts force their way into roundabouts by not slowing down. This occurs repeatedly during peak times as vehicles travel along George Town Rd from Mowbray and speed through the roundabout at the intersection with Allenvale Rd.

Launceston traffic chokes again in Invermay at the roundabout at the entrance to QVMAG. Vehicles entering from the side road habitually give way to vehicles on the right exiting the bridge. Tasmanian road rule 114 states ‘A driver entering  a roundabout must give way to any vehicle in the roundabout’. The vehicle to first have wheels in the roundabout has right-of-way.

Roundabouts were designed to keep traffic flowing. Correct usage of this roundabout rule is particularly vital as the new roundabout at Mowbray nears completion. Signs such as ‘slow down, roundabout ahead’ may assist the transition.

Gary Dewhurst, Lenah Valley

Does the Traffic Act still require a driver to give way to the right in side streets where there are no ‘stop’ signs erected or ‘give way’ markings on the road? I live in a side street but find it safer not to exercise/enforce my right of way over vehicles that continue along the main street without stopping. Could the RACT please clarify this rule? Thanks in advance.

The Tasmanian Road Rules 2009 state:

When giving way at an intersection without traffic lights or a stop sign, stop line, give way sign or give way line:

  1. A driver at an intersection (except a T-intersection or roundabout) must give way to any vehicle approaching from the right, unless a stop sign, stop line, give way sign or give way line applies to the driver of the approaching vehicle.

  2. A driver at a T-intersection that is turning left or right from the terminating road into the continuing road must give way to any vehicle travelling on the continuing road.

Reader feedback

Lou Cunningham, Lauderdale

I enjoy reading Journeys, especially the sections on Tasmanian photography and readers’ photos. I am less enamoured with all the travel pages, which now consist of advertising features. A few years ago Journeys used to feature readers’ road trip articles. I had a couple published but also enjoyed reading others’ personal stories. With us all stuck at home it would be an ideal time to look at reintroducing this segment. I reckon you’d get some good contributions.