Teenagers using laptop and tablet computers
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Staying safe online

With kids and young students using a range of digital platforms for learning, communication and entertainment at home, online security is top of mind for many parents right now.

But if you feel like there’s a new app, website or game every single day and you just don’t know where to start, Optus’ Digital Thumbprint program can help you and your loved ones navigate the online world safely.

Digital Thumbprint covers the topics of cyber security, cyberbullying and respectful relationships, online digital identity, digital discernment and digital balance. 

And although Optus’ classroom workshops and parent sessions are on hold for the time being, there’s still a range of resources available for parents to help open the conversation with their child about staying safe, responsible and positive online.

You’ll find a range of exercises, question guides, tips and links for starting the sometimes difficult discussions around identifying and reporting cyberbullying, privacy settings and personal information, managing study time effectively and much more.

For the teachers out there, there’s also a range of lesson plans, hand outs and activities available to get your students engaged and thinking about their online behaviour.

Digital Thumbprint is aligned with the Australian curriculum and has already been presented to more than 320,000 primary and high schoolers across Australia, including students in Tassie’s north and north-west.

If you’d like to book a classroom workshop or parent session once everything is running as normal, please get in touch with the Digital Thumbprint team.