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Back to school tips

Are you wondering how to get the kids back into the school routine? Here are some fantastic tips from our members to help get you prepared.

Check uniform and shoes still fit

We know just how quickly our little ones grow. Those school dresses, pants and shorts will be that little bit shorter on day one. Make sure those uniforms still have plenty of room and wear to avoid any regrets on the first day back.

Reset bed time

We're all guilty of losing track of time on our weekends, and it's the same during school holidays. Why not try getting in to routine the week before school goes back, by setting a bed time for your little ones and a gentle alarm in the morning. By the time school comes around, their body clock is reset and ready for the day.

Online shopping

Whether it's stationery or lunchbox supplies, order online to avoid the busy shops. Don't forget to look below to see how we can help our members save on their shops today.

Sunday cook-ups

Not only does this help your week go that little bit smoother. It also gives your little ones the opportunity to help and make something they'll love. Hunt down recipes for snacks that can be frozen to last you the entire week or more.

Labels, labels, labels

There is nothing more disappointing than your little ones returning home without their brand new uniform or stationery. Not only can you get sticky labels pre-made in beautiful designs online, but some also offer iron on labels for clothes. Our members have recommended the following businesses to help get you started:

Uniform and bag hutch

How many times have you been caught running from one room to another, looking for the missing shoe, hat or library bag? Many of our members have started a school hutch where they store everything the day before. From uniforms to bags, store it all in the one spot to avoid the before school chaos.

Remind them about the importance of hygiene

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious about returning to school with COVID-19 about. It’s important to talk to your kids, and remind them how they can help to stop the spread in school. The Department of Education have prepared a fact sheet to help you start the discussion.

Stock up on book contact

We've personally been caught in this mishap before. Book contact flies off the shelf so quickly this time of year. Get yourself stocked up now to make sure you get the ones you know your kids will love.