What do you need to know about your provisional licence in Tasmania

Your driving will continue to improve as you gain more experience. Even after you pass your P1 assesment you should continue to get as much supervised driving experience as possible.

​​​​​​P1 assesment

Before you sit your P1 assesment you must log 50 hours of supervised driving over a minimum of nine months. Once this has been achieved, a P1 assessment can be sat through the Department of State Growth.

If you would like to use an RACT Driver Training car to sit your test you can now book your test through RACT using the State Growth/Service Tasmania online portal – ask our friendly RACT Driver Training staff for details by calling 1300 761 429.​​​​

​P1 licensing

You must hold your P1's for a minimum of 12 months without losing your licence or committing a P1 restart offence.

P2 licensing

The length of time you must hold your P2 licence varies with your age:

  • 18 to under 23 – two years.
  • 23 to under 25 – 12 months or until aged 25 (whichever is longer).
  • Over 25 – 12 months.​​​