Need roadside assistance? RACT has your back in every situation

From lock outs to tyre troubles, empty tanks to flat batteries, RACT offers personal coverage, group cover and fleet packages to ensure you feel safe and secure on the road.
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24-hour roadside assist
Up to $5,000 in benefits per year
Up to 6 callouts per year
Australia wide personal cover.
Personal cover
This service applies to you personally or as the driver or passenger of the vehicle. You are also covered while riding a motorcycle.
Towing (under 3.5 tonnes)
TAS - Free, no distance limit
Interstate - distance limits apply
Metro - up to 15km
Country - up to 32km back to agent
The distance we authorise our agent to travel to you to provide service or towing.
Flat batteries
We will attempt to jump-start your vehicle in the event of a flat battery. If the battery has failed, RACT can replace you battery (at your expense).
Flat tyres
RACT can assist you to replace a flat/damaged tyre/wheel with a serviceable, roadworthy and compatible spare.
Lock outs
If the vehicle's keys are locked in the vehicle we will attempt to unlock it.
Out of fuel
Up to 10 litres free
Fuel provided at own expense
If your vehicle runs out of fuel we will provide up to 10 litres of fuel.
Fuel discount
Save up to 6c per litre on fuel at participating United Petroleum sites.
Royal Rewards
Our roadside members save everyday with our Royal Rewards program with a number of benefits for automotive, retail, entertainment, dining, travel and more. Find out more about RACT Royal Rewards.
Passenger transport after tow
If your vehicle required towing after a mechanical breakdown, RACT will ensure you (and up to 4 passengers) are transported to your destination. Subject to available transport.
Second tow
This includes one subsequent local tow if required.
If your vehicle cannot be unlocked we will call a locksmith to attend to the vehicle and pay up to $165 per year for parts and labour.
Damage caravan cover
Up to three nights' accommodation to the value of $300 provided if the caravan is involved in an accident and cannot be occupied during this time.
Medical assistance
If you are more than 50km from home and require medical assistance you can call RACT Roadside for assistance.
Accident towing assistance
In Tasmania: If your vehicle is involved in an accident and you are not proceeding with an Insurance claim we will arrange towing and reimburse you up to $100 towards the cost of the tow.
After accident or stolen vehicle
If the incident has occurred 50km from home RACT will pay accommodation up to the value of $300 for three nights or three days car rental up to the value of $100 per day.
Heavy vehicle towing (over 3.5 tonnes)
If your vehicle requires special towing equipment because it exceeds the weight and size limits we'll make those arrangements for you and reimburse up to $200 towards the cost.
Major mechanical repairs
If your vehicle requires a major mechanical repair that cannot be rectified within seven days, and the repair is through an RACT Approved Repairer or AutoServe, we'll provide rental car hire for up to three days, up to $300 per year.
Major breakdown benefits
When you are more than 50km from home and your vehicle has major mechanical problems that will take longer than 48 hours to repair, you have a range of options available to you including accommodation, rental car hire, passenger transport or vehicle recovery.
Bicycle assist
This is to assist cyclists when their bike cannot be ridden due to a crash, mechanical problem or puncture. If the issue cannot be fixed we will arrange transport for you and your bicycle to your chosen destination. This is available for up to six callouts a year. Find out more about bicycle assist.
RACT product discounts
Members receive discounts on a range of RACT products including at our Destinations properties, Batteries, Auto Glass, AutoServe, Finance and Child Restraints.
RACT membership
When you purchase roadside you become an RACT member.
Group cover
Take out group membership for yourself or sign up as a family. The more members in your group the more you'll save on membership fees. Find out more about RACT Group Membership.
Transferring from interstate
Simply present your membership card from your interstate club and we will provide RACT Roadside up to the date of your current expiry at no charge.
Overseas coverage
RACT is affiliated with a large number of Automobile Clubs around the world which provide roadside assistance to our members. As members of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) we also have a broad range of services that are available when travelling abroad for a time frame of three months. These services may vary from country to country. For a full list of all reciprocal rights available to RACT members click here.
Interstate coverage
Covered anywhere in Australia. By calling 13 11 11, you can obtain emergency roadside assistance from the local motoring club.

* Please note your first payment will be $9.15 for Advantage cover when choosing monthly pricing to equal the full annual premium over 12 months.

Terms & Conditions
  • For new members RACT Roadside benefits apply 48 hours after joining.
  • Excludes vehicles of more than 4.5 tonnes if used for commercial purposes. Other size restrictions also apply.
  • Service may be restricted for excessive use.
  • Roadside assistance excludes service to taxi vehicles. See our fleet options.
  • Roadside fees are not refundable and not transferable to another person.
  • Reciprocal services provided are based on that club's basic service levels.
  • Other terms and conditions apply - view our terms and conditions.
  • For manufacturer nominated vehicle Roadside Advantage members - other terms and conditions apply.

RACT Roadside Ultimate

Roadside Ultimate is for those that want the best. This membership includes no towing distance limits in Tasmania, passenger transport after a tow and after-accident or stolen vehicle assistance. It also covers you personally as the driver or passenger of the vehicle. At just $15.75 per month, it's a small price to pay for absolute peace of mind. See above more details of what is included in this cover. ‚Äč

RACT Roadside Advantage

With 24 hours a day assistance Australia wide, our Roadside Advantage membership provides simple, everyday protection to get you started. It gives access to our Royal Rewards program where you can receive discounts and other benefits from a range of partners throughout Australia. From just $9.35* per month you can feel safe and secure on the road knowing we have you covered. See above more details of what is included in this cover. 

Roadside Fleet

RACT Roadside offers a number of different RACT Fleet packages to suit your business needs including Roadside Business Advantage, Roadside Business Fee-For-Service and an exclusive United fleet offer. For more information visit RACT Roadside Fleet.

Roadside Family and Group cover

Roadside provides personalised assistance no matter which vehicle you're driving. You can add other family members as part of a roadside group and receive discounts based on the number of people in the group. The more people in the group, the more you save.  For more information visit roadside group cover.

Go paperless

If you would like to go paperless with your renewals please give our friendly team a call on 13 27 22 or fill in the contact form.