On the road

Drive smart and save big

Looking to shrink your fuel expenses? We’ve got some easy ways that will put money back in your wallet.

Top tips for fuel efficiency

Whether you’re cruising in your dream car or simply looking to cut costs, we’ve got some tips that will make every drop of fuel count. From the type of vehicle you drive, to how you navigate the roads, fuel efficiency is well within your control. To minimise fuel expenses but without sacrificing your next adventure, here’s what you need to know.

Timing is everything

Have you noticed the constant changes in fuel prices? That's right we're talking about the fuel cycle where prices begin to soar. Stay savvy by watching out for these cycles and remember to use your RACT member discount to save 6c per litre at participating United and Astron stations.

Keep your ride in top shape

A well-maintained car is a fuel-efficient car. With regular servicing you can keep any problems at bay, so you can cruise smoothly without using a lot of fuel. Find an RACT approved repairer to keep your ride in prime condition.

Time pressure matters

Under-inflated tyres? They're sneaky and can drain your fuel. It's a good idea to regularly check your tyre pressure to make sure they're at the recommended range. This not only saves on fuel but will also extend your tyre lifespan too.

A quiet engine saves cash

If your car has an automatic start-stop system, let it work its magic at red lights. If not, take charge by turning off the engine when you're waiting or idling. Every moment you save on fuel, you're saving money.

Travel light, travel right

Excess baggage in your car? It's time to lighten the load. Extra weight strains your engine causing it to chug fuel. Declutter your vehicle and watch your savings grow. Wherever you're travelling find the best priced fuel near you by downloading our RACT Fuel Saver app.

Ditch the roof rack

Roof racks might be handy, but they're fuel foes. Their resistance adds strain on your engine. When they're not in use, remove them and watch your consumption drop.

A/C vs windows

Windows down or A/C on? The answer's in the situation. For high speeds, opt for A/C to avoid the drag, but for more leisurely drives, let the breeze in and save some dollars.

Embrace alternatives

Sometimes the best fuel-saving mode is to use less fuel. For your next trip explore public transport, cycling, walking, carpooling or ridesharing.

Downsize done right

Considering a vehicle shift? By going smaller you can save on fuel. Trade that big fuel guzzler for a more efficient model that fits your needs.

Electrify your drive

Ready to switch from fuel completely? Electric vehicles are here to help. Not only do they save on fuel, but they also offer low maintenance costs.