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Reminder for motorists to take care as school returns

Published | 7 February 2023

As students start to return to school, we're asking the community to stay safe on our roads and set a good example for the younger generation.

Chief Advocacy Officer Garry Bailey said the first day of school is one of the busiest days on our roads and therefore extra care and patience is needed.

“The roads are much busier on the first few weeks of the school year increasing the potential for traffic delays and crashes,” Mr Bailey said.

“To avoid getting frustrated behind the wheel, we suggest all motorists should allow extra travel time over the next few weeks, whether they are dropping children off at school or just completing their normal commute to work.”

“With public schools set to return tomorrow and private schools already back, 40km/h zones around schools are again, enforced, alongside the re-launch of the “Love 40” campaign.

“It’s always important to slow down near schools, but regardless of the limit, speed should be lowered wherever children are present, including stationary school buses with flashing lights.

“The return to school is also the ideal time for parents of younger children to check their car seats and child restraints are properly installed and suitable.”

Mr Bailey said this is a year-round issue and parents, siblings, drivers, and teachers need to play their part while educating children on road safety.

"Children are vulnerable road users, and with more traffic and more transport options, teaching the future generation of drivers about the importance of being safe near the road is more crucial now than ever before.

“Teaching children to be safe around the road begins at home and parents need to understand they can pass on their bad habits to their children, so be mindful of your practices and talk openly about road safety.”