Sillhouette of Mount Wellington and Hobart in front of an orange sky

Looking up

As our staff worked from home, we made sure to take the time to look up and admire the natural beauty on our doorsteps.

Sunshine in Margate.

Credit: Grace Ring, Community Coordinator

Sunrise at Cremorne.

Credit: Julian McGarry, Roadside Patrol

Autumn in New Norfolk.

Credit: Tracy Vagg, Senior Payroll Consultant

Coffee at Leaning Tree Olives.

Credit: Brendan Griggs, People Services Business Partner

Aurora in the backyard

Credit: Matt Wells, Network Administrator

Frosty mornings

Credit: Katie Reynolds, Digital Content Coordinator

Morning in Huntingfield.

Credit: Martha Galea, Marketing Coordinator

Sunset in Kingston.

Credit: Anita Williams, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor

Blackmans Bay Beach.

Credit: Alana Kemp, Customer Service Consultant

Lunchtime walk in Burnie.

Credit: Jordin Apted, Customer Service Consultant

Morning at Kingston Beach.

Credit: Leah Tierney, Marketing & Membership Manager

Cockatoos invading the apple trees.

Credit: Meg Duske, Customer Service Consultant