Through readers' eyes Feb 2020

Some of the most amazing images of our island state, taken by our readers

It's no secret that Tasmania has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Here, readers share some of their favourite views through their own eyes. Do you have an image to share? Email it to us or tag us on Instagram @ractofficial and it could appear in one of our galleries.


Purple and pink sunrise over the Mersey River
Mersey River. Image: Hayley Clarke @tassiehayley
Brown cows walking in a green field
Cows at Jetsonville. Image: Lynn Mather
Reflections on the water at the Hobart docks
Morning reflections at the Hobart docks. Image: Kelvin Ball
Blue-tounge lizard
Blue-tongue lizard at the Salmon Ponds. Image: Joy Allison
Blue bioluminescence in the water at Somerset
Bioluminescence at Somerset. Image: Shirley Sturzaker
Sunset and a beach
Lagoons Beach. Image: Christine Smits
Rows of purple lavender at Bridestowe Lavender Farm
Bridestowe Lavender. Image: Lynn Mather
Reflections of the blue sky on the Gordon River
Reflections on the Gordon River. Image: Helene Anderson
Green glow in the dark ghost fungus
Ghost fungus, Latrobe. Image: Lindsay Parker
Platypus sitting on a rock
Platypus at the Salmon Ponds. Image: Joy Allison
Reeds and sand at Lagoons Beach
Lagoons Beach. Image: Christine Smits
Lighthouse at Hells Gates, Macquarie Harbour
Hells Gates. Image: John Goldsmith

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