Through readers' eyes July 2020

Some of the most amazing images of our island state, taken by our readers

It's no secret that Tasmania has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Here, readers share some of their favourite views through their own eyes. Do you have an image to share? Email it to us or tag us on Instagram @ractofficial and it could appear in one of our galleries.

An old pier in the water at Bridport
Old pier at Bridport. Image: Lynn Mather

Green grass and mountains at Meander
A beautiful day at Meander. Image: Kevin Brown
Reflections on the Huon River
Reflections on the Huon River. Image: John Snowdon
Golden clouds at Kelcey Tiers at sunset
Kelcey Tier at sunset. Image: Alan Blakers

A grey pleated inkcap flower
Pleated ink-caps, Launceston. Image: Patrice Baxter

Autumn leaves in New Norfolk
Autumn leaves in New Norfolk. Image: Patricia Dargaville
Sunset through the reeds at Buttons Beach in Ulverstone
Buttons Beach, Ulverstone. Image: Helen Guinane
Stones and a fallen tree on the shore of Lake St Clair
Lake St Clair. Image: Sharyn Stone
Reflection of blue sky and tree at Horsehead Creek
Horsehead Creek. Image: Dale Simonds


Autumn leaves at Lilydale Camping Ground
Autumn leaves at Lilydale Camping Ground: Lynn Mather
Spider webs among branches at Caveside
Spider migration at Caveside near the Western Tiers. Image: Kevin Brown

Cataract Gorge in Launceston
Cataract Gorge, Launceston. Image: David Waters


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