Through readers' eyes May 2020

Some of the most amazing images of our island state, taken by our readers

It's no secret that Tasmania has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Here, readers share some of their favourite views through their own eyes. Do you have an image to share? Email it to us or tag us on Instagram @ractofficial and it could appear in one of our galleries.

The painted cliffs on Maria Island
Painted Cliffs, Maria Island. Image: Sue MacLaurin
Waves and clouds at Friendly Beaches
Friendly Beaches. Image: Wendy Fehlberg
View of waterfall and rainforest at Mt Field National Park
Mt Field National Park. Image: Irena Jakob
Sunrise at the docks in St Helens
St Helens sunrise. Image: Peter Hewlett
Sunset reflections at Lagoons Beach
Lagoons Beach. Image: Sean Dargaville
Historic sandstone building in Stanley
Stanley. Image: Nerradine Cornick
Reflections of sky in the water at Chinamans Bay
Chinamans Bay, Maria Island. Image: Lisa Watson
Floating stairs and rainforest on the Pieman River
Pieman River. Image: Dianne Machen
Black and white photo of rocks, ocean and cliffs o Bruny Island
Lighthouse Bay, Bruny Island. Image: John Mokomoko
Wooden boat at Franklin
Wooden Boat Centre. Image: Kelvin Ball
Looking up at an old gum tree near Liffey Falls
Old gum near Liffey Falls. Image: John Gill
Boat houses at Cornelian Bay
Cornelian Bay. Image: Janine Stride
Boat in a glassy Tamar River
Reflections on the Tamar. Image: Brian Beardwood
Sunrise at St Helens Point
St Helens Point. Image: Peter Hewlett
Black and white photo looking up through the trees on the Three Capes Track
Three Capes Track. Image: Sue MacLaurin
View of crashing waves at Badger Head
Badger Head. Image: Anne Young
Sunrise from a boat on Maria Island
Sunset at Maria Island. Image: Lisa Watson

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