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Driving towards inclusion

We're proud to be leading the charge in this key moment in Australia’s journey.

This year is a significant milestone in Australia‘s journey towards diversity and inclusion, as the nation prepares for the Voice to Parliament referendum.

As Australia engages in this important conversation about the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in policies and legislation, RACT is proud to support and promote diversity and inclusion.

To demonstrate our commitment to these values, we have recently established the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (DIWG). This group‘s primary goal is to create and foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for all members of our community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Group CEO Mark Mugnaioni said, “At RACT, we understand the importance of fostering an inclusive environment that values the contributions of all members of our community. The establishment of the DIWG reflects our dedication to promoting diversity and Aboriginal empowerment.“

One of the major initiatives currently being undertaken by the DIWG is the development of RACT‘s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The RAP is a strategic framework that outlines the steps and actions we will take to promote understanding, respect and recognition of the rights, histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples