Roadside patrol helping with break down
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Training our Towies

Tow truck drivers in the US have a fatality rate 15 times higher than other industries, with most fatalities resulting from crashes and equipment-related incidents.

Across Australia there have been multiple fatalities and serious injuries involving roadside workers. Appropriate training is imperative to protecting our people, and creating a safe environment for our members when they break down.

We recently took the proactive step of conducting Tow Truck Safety training for our team of agents and contractors across Tasmania. A total of 41 tow operators participated in the training, aimed at ensuring they’re well-prepared and equipped to perform their vital duties safely.

The program covered crucial aspects, such as the proper use of personal protective equipment, the safe operation of towing equipment and setting up secure zones around breakdowns. We left no stone unturned in ensuring our team is well-versed in the best practices for towing operations.

RACT has also advocated for changes to laws in Tasmania that require motorists to slow down around roadside assistance workers. Laws now require motorists to slow to 40km/h when passing stationary or slow-moving emergency or roadside assistance vehicles displaying red, blue or yellow flashing lights on roads with speed limits of 80km/h or less.