Couple sitting in gold class at Village cinemas.
Tips & tricks

Gold class perks

Never been to Gold Class, or need a refresh on why it's a luxury? We asked members about their favourite perks and here's what they told us.

Comfy reclining seats

The winning perk was how comfortable the reclining chairs are. You can simply lay back and relax. But if you fall asleep be sure not to snore.

Personalised service

If you didn't know, you can order food and drinks through-out the movie for delivery to your seat. You can set this all up before you head in by letting the team know when you want things dropped off. Or you can press a call button during the movie if you end up changing your mind about that chocolate sundae.

The atmosphere

From walking into the luxury foyer with a concierge, through to sitting in an intimate theatre with less seats, Gold Class screams VIP treatment. There's no lining up, you can sit and relax with a drink while you wait to order your experience. Be sure to get there early and enjoy this perk.

It's relaxing

You called out how soothing Gold Class is, this may be due to the fact there's rarely any children.. Meaning no interruptions asking you where the snacks are and no heads in the way of the screen, plus you're being waited on hand and foot. You can watch the film through without pausing. It really is a treat from start to finish.