Kids laying on the couch watching TV.
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Your favourite kids movies

After a new go to movie these holidays? We recently asked you for your top tips to keep the kids entertained during the break. The results were close, but here's your top five.

Harry Potter

These movies might be more suited to the older kids but with double the votes of any other this was definitely members' top choice. Who doesn't love fantasy and magic? With eight flicks in the franchise there's a lot of viewing time to keep you all occupied.


Do you wanna build a snowman? The highest scoring Disney musical was none other than the story of Elsa and Anna. Set in a winter wonderland with a talking snowman named Olaf, this is a firm favourite in many households. Warning: Be prepared to sing 'Let it go' over and over and adults, do yourself a favour and watch the second instalment, if only for Kristoff's 80s rock ballad.

Do you wanna build a snowman?
Woody from Toy Story is a fan favourite.

Minions / Despicable Me

Who hasn't been enamoured with these cute little yellow things? In fact, per Wiki the Minions are small, yellow, cylindrical creatures, who have one or two eyes. This animated movie has everything to keep little ones entertained - mischief, mayhem and villians. Another one with a few movies to keep the fun times coming.

PAW Patrol

Only recently adapted for the big screen, PAW Patrol has been a successfully running TV series for younger children for a few years now. Enjoy watching the PAW Patrol save the day as the pups jump into action.

Toy Story

Even though the original was released in 1995, this series has a whole new fan base with 3 and 4 dropping in recent years. Let's be honest, even adults enjoy seeing our childhood friends Woody, Buzz and co. get themselves in and out of trouble. One for all ages, it's sure to keep everyone happy.