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Time to spring clean your home?

If you're planning a spring clean of your house, we've got some tips and tricks to help.

First things first – your bedding! Say goodbye to those bulky winter layers and hello to lightweight, dreamy sheets. It's like giving your bed a warm-weather makeover!

Spring is a great time to clean out your wardrobe and ensure you're only keeping those items that bring you joy. Sort through your clothes and make some piles like 'keep', 'donate' and 'trash'. Just make sure your 'donate' pile is items that you would also be happy to receive.

Organising drawers

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Your living room is a place to kick back and relax so you want to make sure it's comfy and cosy. Got a heat pump? Give it a quick clean to keep it running smoothly. And guess what? If it's due for a service, you can save a cool 10% with Parr's Heat Pump and Refrigeration Centre.

If you like your clutter to be hidden, consider storing smaller items in decorative boxes or storage ottomans to keep everything in one easy-to-find location. Depending on your budget, Big W and Freedom offer some great options and you can even save with an eGift card.

It's a good idea to set aside some time every couple of months to go through cosmetics, skincare and medication and throw out anything that's expired or has been open longer than it should be.

Many cosmetics have a little jar symbol with a number and an 'M' on them - this indicates how many months you can keep the item after it's been opened. Write the date you opened your cosmetics on the bottom to make sure everything is in date.

Once you've cleaned out your old cosmetics, congratulate yourself on a job well done by replacing any required items or even treat yourself to something new and save some extra cash with an eGift card from Priceline, or a range of health and beauty retailers.

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Embrace the season of renewal and let your living spaces reflect the bright and sunny days ahead. Sleep tight in your fresh, clean bedroom, and enjoy the delight of a decluttered, cozy living room and bathroom bliss!