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New Bridgewater Bridge by 2024

The Bridgewater Bridge has long been a milestone in family road trips signalling the news you’re either leaving or entering the greater Hobart area. With the budget confirming that planning will continue, you can expect to be driving over a new bridge by 2024.

It’s no news that traffic congestion continues to be a pain point for Tasmanian drivers so we were keen to review this year’s State Budget and see how these issues were being addressed.

Bridgewater Bridge

Planning for the Bridgewater Bridge continued in 2019/20, with $8 million allocated in State and Federal funding. Forward estimates also show that we can expect funding through to 2024/25, with an expected finish date for the Bridge in late 2024.

Key 2019/2020 projects

While there are no new major announcements, the State Government has kept its election promises, with a range of pre-announced infrastructure projects also being funded.

In total, there is $323.5 million in funding for projects in 2019/20, with some of the key projects starting or continuing in the next 12 months including:

  • Hobart Airport interchange

  • Continuation of the Midland Highway upgrades

  • West Tamar Highway upgrade

  • Mowbray Connector roundabout

  • Bass Highway (Wynyard to Marrawah)

  • Richmond Road Masterplan

Tasmanian traffic visions

Improving congestion is also on the radar, with $24.2 million in State and Federal funding allocated for the Urban Congestion Fund and the pre-announced Greater Hobart Traffic Vision.

We recently unveiled our 30-year Greater Hobart Mobility Vision, outlining a clear plan for short and long term congestion issues. We’re calling on the State Government to allocate funding from the Urban Congestion Fund to address the key projects outlined in our vision.

A Traffic Vision for Launceston and the Tamar Valley has also been outlined in the Budget, with planning starting in 2019/20. We know future mobility is a major concern for all drivers, so it’s encouraging to see the Government addressing this.