Woman putting dog in the back of a car
On the road

Buckle up furry friends

Are you heading out with your furry companion? Here's what you need to know to keep them secure and happy when hitting the road.

Heading to the dog park for some fun, or perhaps you're embarking on a road trip adventure. Wherever the journey takes you, the right preparation can make all the difference for a seamless and enjoyable ride for you and your pet.

Let's leap into how we can make sure your four-legged companion is secure and happy, no matter where your travels take you.

Buckle up - just like us, our pets should buckle up first for safety. We recommend using a pet harness or crate as it keeps them from becoming a distraction, prevents window leaps and offers overall protection.

Start slow - if car rides are new to your pet, introduce them slowly and in a positive way. It's all about treats and cuddles for dogs and treat filled carriers for cats, while they get use to it. It's a good idea to begin with short drives to places they love, like the beach over the vet. Also, avoid feeding right before and give them enough playtime to minimise stress.

Windows up - fresh air is great but it's important to keep pet's heads inside. Dogs might love the wind in their fur, but by sticking their head out can be an injury risk and is therefore a no go. A little window crack is fine for airflow, but locking windows can prevent unexpected full openings.

Pack essentials - if you go on a longer trip, remember to pack a pet kit and include leashes, food, water, snacks, their favourite toys, bedding and don't forget the poo bags.

Don't leave them behind - the dangers of leaving pets in the car can turn nasty within a few minutes. Parked cars heat up fast, so it's a big no to leave them alone in the car.

Caring for your beloved pet also means ensuring their safety and happiness during travel. By following these steps, your journey with your four-legged pal will both safe and enjoyable. After all, it's all about the adventure together, not just the destination.