Relax, knowing we've got you covered.

Holidays are about relaxing. Sort out your travel insurance through us, so you can do just that. We have a range of products to suit domestic and overseas travel. You'll also save on price if you're a member so let us get you sorted.

Choosing the right cover.

Travel insurance is there to protect you against unexpected events. Things like flight delays, lost or stolen baggage, injury and illness.

Where you're travelling and what you're doing will determine how much cover you need.

Are you taking your new DSLR or participating in a special activity? Make sure you check what's included and for what amounts you're covered.

What's generally covered?

  • Medical expenses for personal injury or illness
  • Lost or stolen luggage or personal items
  • Cancelled flights or disruptions to travel

What may you need to check?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Adventure sport such as skiing
  • Coverage in case of natural disaster, terrorism or war
  • Pregnancy
  • Riding a moped or motorcycle
  • Loss or theft of unattended bags

Be a smart traveller.

Before you travel overseas, log on to and become informed.

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