Greater Hobart Mobility Vision

Hobart Mobility Vision
The RACT is pleased to announce it is seeking submissions to help form a vision for mobility in the Greater Hobart area.

University of Tasmania will partner with RACT on the initiative, underpinned by a shared interest in fostering a conversation about how to deliver a future for Greater Hobart that is liveable, dynamic and sustainable.

With Hobart’s growing population and tourist numbers and worsening traffic congestion, the RACT recognises the need for a holistic 30-year vision – 2020 to 2050 – that takes into account active and public transport, future mobility and emerging technologies, social, economic and demographic factors, sustainability, urban planning, infrastructure, as well as the safety of all road users and pedestrians.

The RACT is yet to see a single comprehensive plan for mobility in Hobart and believes completing individual projects without an overarching plan will not address long term mobility and congestion issues.

Members of the community, organisations, businesses and stakeholders are invited by the RACT to submit their ideas and proposals to improve Hobart mobility and congestion from today (11 September 2018).

Submissions will be reviewed by the RACT with assistance from an independent external panel, with shortlisted submissions being discussed and presented at a free public forum later this year.

In an effort to assist the development of the vision, RACT is also conducting a mobility survey to fully understand travel patterns and the underlying reasons for travel around the Greater Hobart area, which can be completed here

The RACT will collect and combine the ideas and data to help form a cohesive Great Hobart mobility vision, which it can use to lobby on behalf of all Tasmanians.

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