Voting open for Greater Hobart Mobility Vision

The RACT is calling on members of the community to review and vote on five potential scenarios for future mobility in Greater Hobart following a public forum held at the University of Tasmania last night, 19 November 2018.

​The scenarios were presented by an independent panel of experts, with each scenario taking the impacts and changes to infrastructure, land use planning, urban planning, public and active transport, social and community, and future mobility and emerging technology into consideration.

The five scenarios are:

  • Predict and provide – It would be "business as usual" for Greater Hobart, with a "predict and provide" attitude applied to roads and parking.
  • Build – Supporting large-scale investment in road infrastructure to alleviate congestion.
  • Mode shift – Encouraging a shift to public and active transport.
  • Overhaul – An overhaul of mobility in Greater Hobart.
  • River city – Convert Hobart into a water-centred city with heavy reliance on the Derwent River as a primary means for mobility.

Full details on each scenario can be found here

The feedback and results will be critical in the development of shaping a holistic 30-year vision for future mobility in Greater Hobart that the RACT can advocate for on behalf of all Tasmanians.

The final vision is expected to be unveiled in early 2019.

Please note, the online survey has now closed. RACT is now in the process of reviewing the votes and feedback submitted by members of the public.